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Tianxin sunlike ERP help Guanyu power achieve a new leap in management

With the gradual expansion of the company's development scale, the original enterprise management software has gradually failed to meet the needs of business development. Finally, the system is officially on line at 1th,Nov. Guanyu Power Co., Ltd. hopes to use Tianxin Sunlike ERP to further enhance corporate governance, strengthen cost control and maintain its leading position among the industry peers. Hoping that Tianxin Sunlike ERP can help us create greater benefits in the near future. In the future implementation process, both parties will work together.


Project implementation process


Throughout the project implementation process, can not do it successfully without participation and supports from top leadership to ordinary employees of Guanyu Power Co., Ltd. As the key figure leading the import of Tianxin ERP system, Ou, the general manager and chief of the department of information, he used his rich experience in factory management and years of experience in using various ERP systems to guide both consultants reach harmonious cooperation. Computerized team members, composed of elites from all sectors of the company, work overtime at night to complete each assignment (basic data collection and typing, etc.) assigned by the consultant. Although the process of importing ERP is very laborious, but after the system is successfully launched, everyone can feel the help of Tianxin Sunlike ERP system, and also taste the sweetness of informationization.


What is  ERP?

ERP is a computer system of enterprise resource management and business process management. It can efficiently and quickly optimize enterprise resources and control enterprise resources, including supply chain, production logistics chain, fund settlement chain and market distribution chain. It has the functions of forecast, simulation, Planning and control functions. With BOM planning, production planning, material demand planning, capacity planning, human resources planning as the core. On the basis of optimal allocation of resources and integration of procurement, finance, human resources, materials, we will finally reach the ultimate purpose of the achieving efficient management.


About Tianxin Sunlike

Tianxin Software Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuhai, China. It was founded in July 1988. It is a company that has more than 20 years of professional ERP development and service experience including ERP software development management, sales and consulting services. As one of professional ERP software providers and enterprise information solutions provider, with its own strong software research and development team, leading technology, rich product line, powerful Consulting and implementing the team and excellent localization services, Tianxin TianSi Group successfully counseled more than 10,000 enterprises across the Taiwan Strait to import information management system, has accumulated rich experience in the enterprise information management in Taiwan industry, developed to be Top 3 independent software vendors, is one of Microsoft's most important partners in the Asia region. Continue to develop world-class enterprise management software products and e-commerce solutions, become China's most professional business management software providers.


Company Information


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