6W high-quality Wall Mount Adapter

6W high-quality Wall Mount Adapter

6W high-quality Wall Mount Adapter


This is the description of 6W high-quality Wall Mount Adapter


       Found in 1999, Foshan Guanyuda Power Supply Co.,ltd is an company specializes in the design and production of switching power supply, ac dc power adapter, charger, LED driver as well as waterproof ac dc power adapter for RO. Our company is wholly responsible for the business proomotion and service in the china mainland. Through two decade of great effort, our company has made the GVE brand serious of power supplies and ac dc power adapter widely used in the fields of finance, telecom, electric power, water treatment, led display and been honorably commented by clients. Taking making world-class products with professionally earnest attitude; as it's responsibility, our company insist on constant study and innovation to strive to ascend the new summit of the career.

GVE-good power

6W high-quality Wall Mount Adapter (GVE brand)

Technical information

input volte 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 
input current 0.5A
output volte range ±5%
Energy Efficiency complied with V level


The calculated MTBF shall be 50K hours of continuous operation at 20℃, maximum load and normal voltage

shell size: 74mm (L) ; 36mm (W) ; 28mm (H)

 Safety standards

Operating temperature -10℃-60℃
Storage temperature -20℃-80℃

output data



           Model     Volte(V)    Ampere(A)   Ripple(mV)



( “XXX=volte YYY=ampere ”)


     3.0-4.5V     0.01-1.2A      土10% 
     4.6-8.0V      0.01-1.2A      土10% 
     8.1-11V     0.01-0.7A      土10% 
     11.1-18V     0.01-0.52A      土10% 
          18.1-24V         0.01-0.32A           土10% 

Nomal SPEC :12V0.5A|5V1A


6W picture




Universal input voltage / No load power consumption: <0.3W/ Single output

Meet Energy stat V for 5~48VDC / Pass LPS/Optional output connectors 
Short circuit protection/High efficiency & reliability / Outputs are available 
at request/Compact package / Three year limited warranty/For mobile phones,
PDA, digital cameras, CD/MP3 players, audio-visual, IT classes, GPS, LCD-TV, 
heath care equipment,testing equipment and any portable device or machines.


We produce 6W high-quality Wall Mount Adapter ,wall-mounted power adapter,wall-mounted power adapter We have years of history and experience in manufacturing. Customer satisfaction is our pursuit.

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